Tom Bowen   1916-1982
Bowen Therapy, once known as Bowtech, is a legacy left by Tom Bowen, developed in Australia in the 1950's, and spread out to the USA through the teachings of Ossie and Elaine Rentsch and others who had the good fortune to witness Mr. Bowen's work. Mr. Bowen was a laborer in a cement factory in Geelong, Victoria, Australia in the early 1950's. It is said that he was highly interested in anatomy and physiology and understood nervous system function, having worked as a volunteer for a year massaging polio patients. He believed that any muscular dysfunction within the body played a major role in preventing the whole body from functioning at an optimum level. He felt that treating just the symptoms rarely addressed the root cause of the dysfunction. 

In 1979 Elaine Rentsch was treated by Tom Bowen and this is where she and Ossie's association with Mr. Bowen began. Ossie began observing Mr. Bowen's work in 1980. The first USA class was taught in Auburn, California in 1989. Mr. Bowen's work was witnessed, interpreted, translated to notations and drawings and later into manuals for teaching. There were many fortunate observers of Mr. Bowen's work, which is believed derived from other body workers he admired, and of his own intuition in developing that which he observed.  

This method is very gentle, yet effective and powerful and initiates a conversation between the mind and body, by using both the autonomic and somatic nervous system. The gentle, yet powerful touches (called "moves") stimulate deep healing and promote relaxation in the body, to allow it to begin to heal itself. It is said that Tom Bowen broke the code of communication in the body. No interpreter is needed. The body understands the technique and knows the language. Every molecule of tissue in the body is neurologically wired to the brain. One set of moves sends the message needed. Pure Bowen.

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